Monday 11 December 2017 - Kettlebells

WOD TEST! 32 min of CDI HELL!

This is the Flux Fitness WOD Test! 6 Min swing 1 hand each time you stop or swap hands minus 1 rep 6 Min Double bell Long cycle lockout Lunge backwards each time the bell touches the floor minus 1 rep 20 minutes 12 rounds cap 2 Gorilla Clean 4 Double bell Half snatch 6 Double bell squat Thruster 12 Burpees Each weight has a point value - 8kg = 1pt 10kg = 1.25pt 12kg = 1.50pt 14kg = 1.75pt 16kg = 2pt 18kg = 2.25pt 20kg = 2.50pt 22kg = 2.75pt 24kg = 3pt 26kg = 3.25pt 28kg = 3.50pt 32kg = 4pt 36kg = 4.50pt

Warm up:
Flux Loop

  • 6 Min Kettlebell Swing 1 Hand
    Swing the bell back and forth expressing a clear demonstration of the movement
  • 6 Min Double Bell Long-Cycle Lockout lunge backwards
    Double bell Clean and jerk into lockout followed by a backwards step into a lunge knee touching the ground while bells in lockout
  • 20 Min 12 Rounds
    Of the Following exercises
  • Gorilla Clean
    alternating the kettlebell clean movement
  • Double Bell Half Snatch
    Double bell kettlebell Snatch over head drop to shoulders into rack position drop into clean and back swing back up into lockout
  • Double bell Squat Thrusters
    Double bell rack into squat thrusting into lockout followed by a drop into rack and squat again for reps
  • Burpee
    Good old fashioned Chest touch floor chest off floor with a jump at the top

Cool down:
Ambulance on Speed dial

Monday 27 November 2017 - Kettlebells

Spike of DEATH!

1min - 1min - 1min -1min then 100 reps repeat this 4 rounds

Warm up:
Flux loop

  • 1 min body weight squats
    squat no weight
  • 1 min Press up
    chest on floor chest off floor
  • 1min V-up
    sit up and down without legs touching ground
  • 1 min Double row
    bent over row into back
  • 100 Jerk
    lift up above head jerk
  • 100 Sumo deadlift bicep curl
    sumo dead lift and exercise a bicep curl at each rep
  • 100 squat thruster
    double bell squat thruster above head

Cool down:
pipe cool down

Thursday 23 November 2017 - Kettlebells

Time and Numbers

5 rounds of 20 reps followed by 1 min Left 1 min right of the listed exercise finishing off with Abbs

Warm up:
Flux Loop

  • 20 reps of Press ups of 5 rounds
    20 reps of press up of 5 rounds with 1 min left 1 min right between each set of 20 reps
  • 1 min Left 1 min Right Swing
    swing left hand for a minute swing right hand for a minute
  • 1 Min left 1 Min right Jerk
    Kettlebell jerk minute left then right
  • 1 min left 1 min right lockout lunge
    lock belll out over head lunge back for 1 minute then the whole minute right
  • 1 min left 1 min right snatch
    snatch left hand for 1 minute snatch right hand for a minute
  • 1 min left 1 minute right Long cycle
    clean and jerk left hand for a minute then right hand
  • 5-10-15-20-15-10-5 reps
    ladder going up and down
  • Spring dip
    plank position with hips going down and up
  • v-up
    sit up position lying down open close for abb exercise
  • jiujitsu
    on your back legs straight up into the sky crunch up touch toes

Cool down:
pipe cooldown

Wednesday 22 November 2017 - Kettlebells

Jerk Madness

10 Rounds of 1 min Jerk heavy bell multi switch. aiming for 10-12 reps in the minute between each minute an exercise of 30 reps so this means you will go through the list of 5 exercise twice

Warm up:
Flux loop

  • 30 Reps Body weight squat Jump
    squat all the way down deep range then jump up feet leaving the floor
  • 30 Reps windmill into lockout squat L and R
    lock bell out over head perform the windmill when you are bent over into the windmill keep arm locked out and transition into a full squat while arm is still locked out then bring your bum back up into the windmill so you are technically never standing up
  • 30 Reps Bicep curl into overhead Tricep
    one Bell two hands perform colins bicep curl straight into overhead tricep back into bicep
  • 30 reps Burpee jump over bells
    burpee down into a press up position jump back up and over two bell son the floor perform another burpee on the other side
  • 30 Reps Role back stand up with bell
    holding one bell two hands squat down role back onto your back use the bell and body to role back onto your feet and stand up repeat
  • 2 rounds of above
    1 min of heavy jerk between each of these exercises and you are doing 2 rounds

Cool down:
Pipe cooldown

Tuesday 21 November 2017 - Boxing

Speed work

Basics always win!

Warm up:

  • Boxing - jumping - static holds
    purposefully making the arms heavy following with fast bouts of boxing minimum 30 minutes

Cool down:

Tuesday 21 November 2017 - Kettlebells

20-10-2 Min BOOM!

Based around our 30 minute concept. The workout has 2min of work followed by 2 sets of exercise either 20 or 10 reps followed by another 2 min of work and this occurs for 5 rounds

Warm up:
Flux Loop

  • 2 Min by 5 Rounds Snatch lunge multi switch
    between each 2 minutes of Snatch lunge you will do either 2 sets of 20 reps of an exercise or 2 sets of 10 reps of an exercise listed below
  • 20 reps Press up
    press up chest touches floor and off floor
  • 20 Reps Burpees
    down chest on the ground up off the ground and jump . simple
  • 10 reps Lockout sit up L then R
    on your back heels against your bum arm lockout out with a bell sit up so arm is fully extended ly back down
  • 10 Reps TGU sit up L then R
    Turkish get up first half from the floor sit up lift hips then go back down to the ground
  • 20 Reps Windmill L then R
    bell is locked out above your head, feet face 45 degrees in opposite direction to arm that is in the air legs are locked and you read down to touch the floor with the empty hand while your head looks up at the bell and arm in the air
  • 20 Reps 1 Leg Romanian Dead lift
    balance on one leg hold a bell in the opposite arm to the leg you balance on. keep body straight as well as the leg that is in the air as well as the leg you are balancing on and stretch down to allow the bell to touch the ground with your hamstrings stretching
  • 10 Reps lockout v-up L then R
    arm is lockout with a bell. you perform the V-up abb exercise while arm is contently locked out
  • 10 Reps 1/2 Reverse TGU L then R
    from the standing position lockout the bell lunge backwards then read down to the side which your hand is free touch the floor then straighten yourself up step back up form the lunge
  • 20 Reps Press up explosive tap your knees
    press up position go down then explosively launch yourself upwards tap your knees and land. remember a quick face is a happy face!
  • 20 Reps Lunge leg swap into bicep curl
    holding one or two bells squat down step back into a lunge step forward back into a lowered squat and perform a bicep curl then step back with the other leg and repeat

Cool down:
Pipe stretch

Monday 20 November 2017 - Kettlebells

Left then Right

15 minutes on the left side followed by 15 minutes on the right side. CHOOSE THE WEAKER SIDE FIRST! This is all minutes of work

Warm up:
Flux Loop

  • KB swing Swing
    1 handed swing
  • Squat bicep curl
    rack bell squat down curl bell to ground then up to rack follow by standing up
  • Push press + windmil
    push press bell overhead followed by lockout of bell and touch floor with empty hand
  • Snatch Lunge lockout
    snatch bell into lockout followed by lunge on opposite leg
  • clean rack Kosak
    Clean bell into rack position then kosak lunge on arm that has bell
  • press into bicep curl
    strict press above head down into rack then bicep curl bell down and up
  • High pull
    swing bell up through legs to shoulder level with elbow going backwards
  • sumo squat bent over row
    legs apart bell hanging between legs squat down stand and row
  • Jerk
    use legs and calves to push bell over head
  • Rack squat calf raise
    rack the bell squat down then stand up into calf raise
  • swing
    swing bell back and forth
  • lockout hold
    lock the bell out above head and just chill
  • Rack squat PRESS then stand in lockout
    squat with bell in rack press above head while still squatting then stand
  • jerk lockout squat rack
    jerk the bell overhead squat down in lockout then rack the bell in squatting position stand up
  • Dreaded Rev swing
    the DIRECT opposite action of a swing squat while bell goes up and stand when bell goes down

Cool down:
Pipe Stretch

Thursday 16 November 2017 - Boxing

Hit the floor!

how long can your arms last?

Warm up:

  • Punch
    hit the bag
  • battling rope
    flick the rope
  • burpees
    down chest to ground stand up

Cool down:

Wednesday 15 November 2017 - Kettlebells

Back HIIT much!

1 minute swing followed by exercise in reps then back to 1 min of swing alternating all the way down the list THEN 2nd round being reps only full down the list in time remaining of the 35min threshold

Warm up:
Flux loop

  • KB swing
    1 bell swing back and forth swap hands
  • 15 BW squat
    squat up and down ass to grass
  • 10 Double bell jerk
    double bell jerk lockout
  • 15 Lunge weighted left and right
    hold bells in farmers step back into lunge knee to ground
  • 10 Double bell Clean
    swing up into rack and clean
  • 15 Sumo DL
    legs wide apart toes facing outward holding weight squat down and up
  • 10 KB Snatch L then R
    snatch bell from swing to lockout left hand then right hand
  • 15 Kosak squat BW
    legs double shoulder apart executing side lunge body weight all weight into heel of bent leg while the other leg is straight
  • 10 Long cycle DBL
    Double bell clean and jerk
  • 15 Rack squat
    this rack squat allow bells onto shoulders and squat deep causing spine to be straight
  • 10 Strict DBL Press
    bells in rack position legs locked and straight strict press bells above head

Cool down:
pipe stretch

Tuesday 14 November 2017 - Kettlebells


Agenda is to strengthen inside the core then challenge the posture by strength exercises 8 reps of each ab exercise followed by one exercise listed with 6 reps for strength. so 8,8,8,8 then 6 reps heavy then 8,8,8,8 then 6 reps heavy etc

Warm up:
Run Flux loop

  • V-up
    Sit up touch your heels lie down
  • Sit ups
    sit up heels against bum elbows touch knees
  • Spring Dip
    plank position hips drop up and down tight core
  • Pike
    lying flat on back arms and legs come up and touch toes at top
  • hard style swing
    squat stand swing thruster
  • long cycle
    double bell clean and jerk
  • Squat thruster
    rack bells squat down stand lift above head
  • Long cycle lockout
    double bell clean and jerk keep at lockout then lockout squat. rack and repeat
  • Squat Jump
    hold bell between legs squat down till touches floor explosively jump up
  • Jerk
    Double bell jerk over head

Cool down:
Pipe stretch

Tuesday 14 November 2017 - Boxing

Arms of Lead

fast paced old school sensai craft

Warm up:

  • 100 Boxing
    plenty of punches to be thrown

Cool down: