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Annual Direct Debit Membership

Price: GBP 65

Type: Monthly

Limit: Unlimited

Total cost £65 per month for a 12 month period. Membership includes all WODs (CrossFit, Olympic Weight Lifting, Gymnastics), Open Box & Energy Gym. This is a Direct Debit agreement for a fixed period of 12 months and cannot be cancelled irrespective of personal circumstances. By choosing this membership you are entering a loan agreement for one year, where you receive a cheaper membership deal but are committing to pay a total of £780, in 12 installments of £65. After the initial 12 month period, the membership will automatically renew on a monthly basis and can be cancelled with a month's notice period. This means that you always have one full month to pay after cancelling your membership This agreement is administrated by Harlands Group. If you do not adhere to the repayment plan as outlined, Harlands Group will pursue the outstanding amount by legal means which could impact your credit rating. If you feel your circumstances many change over a 12 month period, please opt for our rolling monthly membership (with one month notice period) or fixed term options (WOD packs or quarterly membership).


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